Texas Felony Expungement Attorneys

Having a felony arrest or prosecution on your criminal record can greatly impact your future. Employers, landlords and other interested parties can easily run a background check and uncover your past trouble with the law. Luckily, in Texas you have the opportunity to clear a felony arrest off your record through expungement. At Phil Meyer, PLLC, we are experienced expungement attorneys. A boutique law firm, we offer clients close personal attention throughout the expungement process.

Can You Have Your Felony Record Expunged?

Expungement laws differ throughout the nation. In Texas, you can have a felony expunged from your record in the following circumstances:

  • You were arrested but never charged.
  • You were charged, but the case was dismissed for lack of probable cause, insufficient evidence or unavailable witnesses.
  • The grand jury “no-billed” your indictment.
  • You were found not guilty by a judge or jury.
  • You were the victim of identity theft that resulted in a criminal record.

Essentially, you cannot expunge the record of a case in which there was a finding of guilt. The only exception is for Class C misdemeanors in which there was deferred adjudication.

Sealing the Record of a Felony

If you received and completed deferred adjudication for a felony, you may be able to seal your record with an Order of Non-Disclosure. An Order of Non-Disclosure is similar to an expungement in that your record will not be available to potential employers, landlords, bank loan officers and others in the public who use background checks. It will still be available to a specified number of government agencies, however. There is a waiting period before most felonies can be sealed. Additionally, only your most recent completed deferred adjudication can be sealed, which is why it's important to seal your record as soon as the opportunity becomes legally available to you

At Phil Meyer, PLLC, we are skilled in handling both expungements and Orders of Non-Disclosure. We offer free background checks and a free initial consultation to determine your eligibility for expunction or non-disclosure. If you are interested in clearing your name, contact us to discuss your case.