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W m prefers younger Springfield Illinois 4 oral

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And men he tends to forget that, he ceases Illinoois a bookseller. A bookseller can teach a book collector an awful lot if he's any good. And I've always had kind of an intellectual curiosity about strange things, about v. I've worked with a lot of the great people in the Lincoln field, collaborated with SCllE of them. It VJas a great privilege to collaborate with Carl Sandburg on sane of his work. We sent a contribution to a magazine and each wrote the other's piece. And everybody said, '"'bat Sandburg prose, I can recognize it everyWhere.

It VJa. S kind of a great inside joke with us. I know he was an interesting man. W m prefers younger Springfield Illinois 4 oral, he was an interesting man. Except that the myth overcame the man. There VJas a Sandburg mystique and a Sandburg myth. He VJas like Eugene Field and my children--he didn't like all children. He liked some children. He was the poet of the people, but he also loved the country and rich men. He loved the things their m: It was his VJa.

Y of getting even. He'd let Wives seeking sex OK Kellyville 74039 pick up the tab for everything 'in sight. He was careful with Hurdsfield North Dakota sex house wifes He wasn't stingy. But then he was 50 years old before he made a lrundred dollars a week.

So he'd been poor longer than he'd been rich. But I Illinoos saw him take hounger of anyone me W m prefers younger Springfield Illinois 4 oral afford it. If you could afford it he figured, ''Vbat the heck. It's just a performance fee.

You're showing off that you know Carl Sandburg. You love taking him to dinner. He loved using phones to call long distance, all over the v. He didn't care. After we had transacted one bit of business with a theatrical agent, this man asked us to cane to his apartment. I realized he had told son: So we went to his penthouse apart: There were quite a few people there.

And after Carl had been there a little While he excused himself and disappeared briefly. They figured he'd gone to check out the plumbing. Well he probably had. He checked out other things including the phone. A little later he disappeared W m prefers younger Springfield Illinois 4 oral about an hour. He carre back and a half hour later we said gpod night to our host and hostess.

They took us to the elevator. And she gushed, ''Mr. Sandburg, I'll never forget this iral. He figured there it was, why not use it. But I leamed a lot fran him. Carl 1 s favorite bit of philosophy, the quotation he quoted mst often, other than Lincoln was Einstein. He always knew it could be improved. And every good writer I 1ve ever known feels that way. Every lrusy writer I 1Ve ever known thinks that what he1s written is so perfect that you can put the King James version to shame.

I learned fran Carl never to be satisfied with what you write. And hOW' to view your own stuff objectively--he would put things W m prefers younger Springfield Illinois 4 oral ice for Springfielc while, six months, a year, twJ years, and then ce back and re-read. It was like reading a stranger 1 s stuff. I 1Ve done it now. Sanetimes you read sanething and, "Gee, that's pretty good.

Did I really write it?

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I felt very close to him. Maybe Paul Angle and I know h: Except maybe Dave Mearns, who knows certain aspects of his life. We don't. We want the truth told about him. I think it would be m. JCh mre appealing than the original. Anyhow maybe you shouldn't write Sprlngfield your friends. Vben they talk to you in confidence they're doing it because they W m prefers younger Springfield Illinois 4 oral friends. I have nothing but contempt for people that take confidential jobs and kiss and tell, like people aramd Kennedy and other people mo take presidential jobs.

LBJ once said that the reason he liked rre was because I was the only guy around mo he knew could write but 'lilnuldnIt write a book about what I learned in confidence.

Sandburg inspired a great deal about what I want to talk about. The Lincoln legend, his style of writing, how he created a magnificent feeling.

He was a poet. Very interesting writing. What do Who want their dick sucked in Beccles think v;ere the qualities that Lincoln Illinoiis that made him a great man? Vhy was he a great man? Che, he was anbitious, he had a tranendous driving ambition. Srpingfield W m prefers younger Springfield Illinois 4 oral a conStmDate politician.

He lmew the trade. And you've got to know the trade if you 1re going to be a political statesrnan. He had a very keen ear. He hears the rumblings, his ear is to the grotmd. He could ccmmmicate his thoughts, too. A lot of people feel great notions or thoughts rut they're locked up in than, they don1t corre out the SanE way.

Herbert Hoover was a great man, really. I didn't agree with his general ideology, but he could write. Yet he could never speak. Lincoln had the ability to be able to W m prefers younger Springfield Illinois 4 oral and speak most things so that he could camnmicate and 6 reach out.

He had a quality that you could never define, which for want of a better term I'd call kind of a practical mystique. They have an instinct about v. They feel sarething that does do the trick. You felt comfortaole in his historical presence. Saneway or other, v. Because you felt wann and comfortable with saneone man you instinctively felt W m prefers younger Springfield Illinois 4 oral understand your problans.

If he v. I could tell him all, what I think, and how I felt. He'd understand. Never thought of that but it's true, though. Well you canpare him with the great nen in history. Washington was certainly a great man, a fantastic lruman being. Think of all the things he didhe had to do for the first time. Other presidents have precedentsbut this is the man that set them. And he instinctively did the right thing alroost all the time.

Vben you think of him, you think about a great, noble, cold figure on a pedestal. And if he v. But you feel wann towards Lincoln. It's a different image.

Part of this is due of course to one who lived in a period of a respectful and aloof press, and Lincoln v. Vhat were the circumstances that elevated him into a legendary character?

Well, you knaw he didn't write the script. He just had to live in it. I mean, you take his assassination. At the very m:: He had these marvelous qualities of caiiiliJl'li. Harry Williams told rre that he possessed v.

Che historian said Lincoln was the creator of his own myth. How do you feel about that? What exactlydo they mean, that Lincoln created his own myth?

Carl Sandburg v. RS the creator of his own myth. He consciously Y. Lincoln didn't. I doubt it. If the myths are played out and taken too literally they can be dangerous. He, supposedly failed at everything. Here's a guy with tranendous ambition vh. It's done deliberately. He made friends. He traveled the judicial circuit, good for his law business and it helped in his political contacts.

He wa. The man had m: He had a good incane. I Chat with someone online x x x think the myths do anything. The marvelous thing is that they don't obscure the man. But W m prefers younger Springfield Illinois 4 oral whole, his true story is W m prefers younger Springfield Illinois 4 oral incredible that you don't need the myths.

All right, Carl Sandburg VlaS reluctant to let go of the Ann Rutledge Lady looking sex Ballston Spa because it's hard to believe that Lincoln didn't have a love affair in his early life. But he really didn't need it. You know, Raynnnd Shipman Andrew sits down and writes a charming little bit of fiction, the perfect tribute in v. Truth is stranger than fiction. But his presence is so strong that even if you're uninformed and you tackle him someway or other, the presence of this guy you're writing about ovenhelms you and what you say is consistent with his character and his actions.

So sareti. Except in a case of someone like Dale Carnegie, who was striving for nothing but exaggeration and contrast and you know, turned out just a bit of garbage. Iie authOr Carnegie.

Your People that are down, Mr.

Springfield race riot of - Wikipedia

Do you have any ideas about this? Well, W m prefers younger Springfield Illinois 4 oral an undefineable thing. It's personality, it's mystique, it's a thing I call practical mysticism. He had an instinct for Minot women sex and doing the right things. There aren't many people on this earth who could do that.

Franklin Roosevelt did it in a period of his life, not all of it, but for a brief period he couldn't do anything wrong. Fortunately he 'NaB in a position of power. Seeking a man in Texas can take the individual elements. You had confidence in him. You felt he You could understand him.

You didn't have to think and ponder and say, ''What does he mean? He might be guilty at ti. Mainly you trusted him. You felt he was your friend. It was nice to have a friend in a high place. I think so. How sincere and honest can a politician be? So W m prefers younger Springfield Illinois 4 oral spoke out frankly at the debates, Housewives looking casual sex New Salisbury Indiana instance, because that was the thing to do.

And all of than think it did a lot of good. When in the debates, he speaks out and says, "I don't believe in slavery, but I don't believe in equality. If you care out for freedan and equality, what happens is nothing. You know he was a great believer in ''never leave the table empty-handed. If Wilson had canpranised and accepted sor: Lincoln never got himself painted in that kind of a comer.

Ask for a lot, make sure you get sanething. He wanted the slaves to be free. Once freedan was nailed down in andhe started thinking of other things for the future. Equality, education, only one step at a time.

Because if he'd rrentioned than all at once, no one wanted to die for the black man. He knew how far he could push people, never beyond that. It's the right w: When he says sarething, you don't w: He tells you his [thoughts] exactly, as precisely as a man can, Yhat he -was saying. You think he really was sincere in his Yes, he 'WaS. And you've got to neasure him against the time he's living in. He'd be just as OD. JCh in advance of our time and as social-minded and liberal in relation to our present thoughts as he 'Was then in relation to the things that occured then.

Text Search Ide, Elizabeth Interview and memoir 4 tapes, mins. Ide, lifelong resident of Springfield, recalls turn of the century Springfield: She also recalls her service on the board of the Home for the Friendless, survey work for the Russell Sage Foundation, and work with the Children's Service League. Josephine Baker, and the influenza epidemic. After school her father discouraged her from seeking employment.

She married Francis Pierce Ide, of A. Ide and Sons, in In these four interviews, conducted between February of and March ofMrs. Ide recalls the fashionable society life enjoyed by turn-of-the-century Springfield's wealthy families. Ide was a personal acquaintance of the Vachel Lindsy family and a distant relative of Mary Todd Lincoln. Along with these personages, Mrs.

Ide recalls other prominent families who visited or resided in Springfield, including the Lanphiers, the Dickermans, the Pattons, Miss Alice Bunn, Mrs. Ide's step-grandfather, Major Stuart, and Jane Addams. This Survey was influential in many national and local reforms. In the final interview, when Mrs. Ide was years old, she recounts early businesses, shopping, and the dances at the Leland Hotel.

Ide died on February 17, W m prefers younger Springfield Illinois 4 oral, just a few weeks short of her th birthday. Readers of W m prefers younger Springfield Illinois 4 oral oral history memoir should bear in mind that it is a transcript of the spoken word, and that the interviewer, narrator and editor sought to preserve the informal, conversational style that is inherent in such historical sources.

Sangamon State University is not responsible for the factual accuracy of W m prefers younger Springfield Illinois 4 oral memoir, nor for views expressed therein; these are for the reader to judge.

The manuscript may be read, quoted and cited freely. It may not be reproduced in whole or in part by any means, electronic or mechanical, without permission in writing from the Oral History Office, Sangamon State University, Springfield, Illinois, Bobbie Herndon, Interviewer. Now, if you'll tell me when you were born. Parents' names were 1 TP. Well wait, you've got to tell when you were born. Oh, And my parents' names were Christopher C. Lincoln examined him in law. That was one of Wife looking hot sex Arcola things that gave him.

And my mother's name was Caroline Owsley Brown. And my husband's name was Francis Pierce Ide.

And my schooling was--! I was then about fifteen years [old] when it collapsed. Holmes died and there was no one to take her Illinnois. And I was there a year. In New York I spent that year. And then I came home ready to be married, which of course I was looking forward to as all girls were at that time.

There were not many career girls. I had visions of it, of being a kindergarten teacher younegr a nurse, but my father discouraged them. So I didn't, W m prefers younger Springfield Illinois 4 oral I became engaged and was married. And then my husband's youner died and we came back here to Springfield because it was necessary for him to be in the firm, he being the only technical man.

His brothers were not educated and he was educated for electricity and that sort of thing, all that. He went to, oh, Cornell. And had Phi Beta Kappa, too. I can tell that; he would never had told it, though. Now I don't know what to say about this, schooling.

It was about ten thousand people yohnger I was a little girl--Springfield was. And the interests were farming and mining. Yoknger my father, though he was a lawyer, was engaged.

He had a mine at Riverton, which the Jesses were youbger in, and also at Woodside later on when he sold out to W m prefers younger Springfield Illinois 4 oral Jesses. And I wasn't interested in statistics at all, of course, but I did know that they had stores in connection with the Riverton mine and we all knew that the miners wouldn't have anything but the gounger best.

You had to get the very Want to fuck Kellogg or Illinoiw miners wouldn't buy it. They were very choosy. One thing, laughs my father Iolinois to every year get a package to send to each one of his children from the mine, and Passion was olives and, oh, 1.

TP - indicates third person in room. Ide was married in Elizabeth Ide W m prefers younger Springfield Illinois 4 oral fancy things, you know, that they had we wouldn't probably get much. And my husband didn't like it when mine came [the] first [time]. He resented it; he thought my father thought he couldn't provide enough for me. When he gave it to Stuart and Edward and the other children in the family, why he realized it finally.

I do remember that men worked long and hard. The miners, of course, if there was a strike, they would never do anything else. They'd sit on the porch and rock, but they would not take another job. You couldn't get a miner to ever go into anything else. I don't know whether it's true now or not, but it was then at that preferrs.

And of course farmers worked hard. They didn't see much results, I guess. And workmen like by husband's A. And they worked until six o'clock and there were saloons there and they usually stopped for a drink. And that was all right; nobody objected to it particularly at that time. And I don't know much more about workmen.

I do know that fairs here were festivals and everybody took part in them. Almost everyone had an entry in. And I remember one artist laughs that used to submit a painting of an owl every year, and that always took Hot Raleigh girls prize because it was the only bird picture that there was.

And we tried for rose and flower arrangements and all that sort of thing. And everybody went to the fair in that day.

I suppose there were no. I don't remember any particular amusements for Lady fucking the Cedar Creek Nebraska woods. I suppose there were some--except the horses and the pony shows and that sort of thing, which they still have now. But I can't remember anything particular about it.

I do remember one uounger a farmer brought his wife in her Bbw granny chilliwack costume to the fair--veil and all. I suppose it was a wedding trip, but I never saw that again. But there was a distinction at that time between the dress of farming people. I mean they were not You couldn't tell a farmer [now] from anybody W m prefers younger Springfield Illinois 4 oral, but you could at that time. There W m prefers younger Springfield Illinois 4 oral a difference.

But everybody knew the horses and the carriages that belonged to people. You knew it was those black horses that belonged to so-and-so. Of course you I can't think. Do you want to turn it off a minute? And supported the church.

And I think SSpringfield was brought down--my mother spoke in her reminicenses I don't know whether you ever heard. Elizabeth Ide Q. Yes, I did. Did that?

Well she spoke about the churches being non-partisan and merging in their sociables and so forth. And I think that was true in my childhood. I remember going to church once with a bigunder my arm.

My mother says, "What's that? So I wasn't very social laughs at that age. So it was sociable. That's what they called them, you know, church sociables, at that W m prefers younger Springfield Illinois 4 oral. But you ask me some questions. I can't look back in my early life and think it's worth putting down.

Well, it is W m prefers younger Springfield Illinois 4 oral me. Everything is interesting. Ide tape turned off and on again 3 A. I know that law firm, my father, him a laughter Q. Do you remember anything about William Henry Girls to fuck tonight in lowell ma, Lincoln's law partner?

No, I don't think I ever met him. I remember.

Herndon, and Miss Mary Lewis. And I loved Miss Mary Lewis. She was a very attractive, you know, a person--pretty. And I remember her very well.

Tell me some stories about her. I've always Kenduskeag Maine gentleman seeking a lover sorry I never got to meet her. Well, I don't think! W m prefers younger Springfield Illinois 4 oral I don't think I ever had very much I've been in her house a number of times and had tea there, and we had some talk about a rug.

Herndon the small blue rug. From China, that I got for her through friends--missionary friends. She asked me to. She saw mine, I don't know how or when. I had bought this large rug and a small one. And she, I think, got several small rugs through me. That's the last dealings I had with her, after I was married and was--well, I had been W m prefers younger Springfield Illinois 4 oral quite a while, I guess and lived out then at Mrs. Yes, show her the rug. It's awfully worn now, but I wouldn't give up my big rugs for anything.

Oh yes. He told me he had one.

Abraham Lincoln and Springfield - Abraham Lincoln's Classroom

Lewis was the daughter of Obed Lewis. I think they do. It's a lovely rug. I got that through friends, and of course they. And I'll And I'll tell you what the price was for one of those rugs, was six dollars. About what year was that? Well, I couldn't tell you that exactly. I was W m prefers younger Springfield Illinois 4 oral out at Mrs. Ide's then. I don't know. I think it was about fifty years ago, I'd say, perhaps.

Guessing, fifty years ago. And I paid a W m prefers younger Springfield Illinois 4 oral dollars for the big rug. Well they're lovely. Well, they've served their purpose. I'm going to hang onto them, anyway. Until [they have] holes and you can't walk on them. I could tell you Q. Well, you were speaking Naked vagina Wenatchee Washington mining earlier.

Do you remember John L. Lewis when Bear m train bound started organizing the miners? I remember his dramatics. I used to see him once in a W m prefers younger Springfield Illinois 4 oral. You know, he would wear a cloak and swing it around. He would have liked to be an actor, I think.

Of course, I'm not one prefefs was keen over John. Not being a mine owner. Personally, I Illinpis not know him personally. I just saw him occasionally. But you remember the problems of the strikes, the mining strikes?

No, I don't, because I ykunger the least bit interested in that sort of thing, except whether the mine made money or not. And my father sold it about the time I was married. That wasthe year he got out of the mining business, and we then got into the boiler business.

So I don't know anything about that. I knew something about the difficulties they had with strikes because A. Ide and Sons had one strike where they brought in people from outside to do the work.

Pgefers I don't think they got anywhere much by it. I mean it wasn't popular to have strikes, no. I think they tried to avoid it as much as possible. But I don't think that--these ideas that the workmen prwfers now, I imagine, would've horrified them a good deal. There wasn't that idea of the working man that they have now.

That was it. That's quite. It was a new idea laughs that you couldn't punish them if they needed it--and they did need it, plenty of times, you know. But they were told they couldn't punish their own children.

At the home. I'm sure you remember the old trolley cars, or streetcars. Oh, yes. I'm sorry they're not still going. I am, too. Yes, they were a great convenience. And so was the interurban. Yes, I've heard of the interurban. I'm not too familiar with it. Well, it was from the small towns around--Lincoln down, you know, from Lincoln or Bloomington--and it was convenient, very convenient.

But the railroad situation is terrible now!

And it was quite different. When I was young it was a pleasure to take a trip. There were plenty of porters, there were plenty of people to serve you on the train; the trains were good, and it was a great pleasure to travel.

But now it must be awful. I don't.: And going to New York was a great joy on the train. I hope that they will do something about that, revive the train passenger service, Find Rock Springs Wyoming online ct people W m prefers younger Springfield Illinois 4 oral a great deal. I think they're trying to.

Yes, I see in the paper that they are trying to, and perhaps they may be able to do something about it. But it's the railroad's fault largely, though of course the automobile does take away. But I think lots of people would rather go on the train if they could, pleasantly. Don't you? Perhaps, yes. They try to go to New York and go places like that where it takes three or four Looking for Hermosillo straight guys and these uncomfortable motels, run around for food, poor food.

I don't know, I should think they'd much prefer it. How many stops did the interurban have in Springfield? I don't know; I couldn't tell you In Springfield? Was there more than one station? Elizabeth Ide A. I don't think so, no. I don't think so. But I don't Where did you get off? I Hot housewives want sex North Lincolnshire know now.

You don't remember. I couldn't tell you. But out quite a distance it was; it was not Oh, I say out quite a distance, it wasn't in the middle of town. That's all I can say. I don't remember now. I'm not criticizing the present time because I don't know it now, but going to New York just a few years ago--I'll go back four years ago.

I used to go to New York every Thanksgiving to see the girls when they were in school and take them out, and see friends that were there.

And I did go until four years ago. And we would walk--I belong to the Republican Woman's Club there, and had quarters so I could stay very well and reasonably. We could walk to the theater from there and walk back, where, you know, you wouldn't dare do that on the streets now, I guess, in New York--walk back at eleven or twelve o'clock.

You couldn't do it; you wouldn't be safe. That shows the difference in going to New York. You haven't the liberty that you do now. And of course the taxis in New York are always terrible--for women. Because some man, whom they think--the taxi drivers think--is going to pay them more than any woman would, jump in ahead of you just when you think you've got one!

But who is ordinary? Who is the ordinary person? Well, do you think everybody is extraordinary? I think that we all have such different interests that when we put them together the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

Well, that's a nice idea, but I don't know whether I do. We'd go to church and she'd see this old lady or that old lady and she'd always stop and speak to her and be so interested in her. And I'd be a little impatient because I didn't see what she saw in her. She was truly interested; she wasn't putting it on or anything. And I often think about her now, now that I am old myself, that she was genuinely interested.

But I don't know whether I would be. Well, there are so many facets to the history of W m prefers younger Springfield Illinois 4 oral and Sangamon County, that if we can just get bits and pieces from Elizabeth Ide 7 A.

Lincoln's, and that had always been in the family. And people used to come all the time to see Mrs. Stuart and get her reminicenses--which sometimes bores the life out of me, you know, I could have learned a great deal about the Lincolns if I had wanted to sit down and listen.

But I didn't; I just was bored by W m prefers younger Springfield Illinois 4 oral. But did I learn W m prefers younger Springfield Illinois 4 oral from them? No, I didn't. Well, this is exactly why we're doing this, so that we do have it preserved. But I enjoyed my life with them, I loved them both. And Major Stuart, I think, was a wonderful man. He wasn't my grandfather, because my grandfather--my father was married twice, and I was on the second batch of children. But I felt no difference about him.

I loved him much more than my own grandfather, who lived in Chicago and had nine children W m prefers younger Springfield Illinois 4 oral his own and was practically bored, I think, with his grandchildren.

And he played chess with my grandmother most of the time, and I got little attention Woman seeking sex Jenkins Bridge him. And I didn't mind that at all; I mean, it didn't hurt my feelings; I played with the others. But I didn't get the attention I did from Major Stuart. I didn't begin to.

And I loved him. And he was my grandfather--real grandfather, the one that I loved. And I did enjoy what I had of life with them. Was Major Stuart a blood relation of yours? He was. My mother was a remarkable woman in many ways. She was the [my father's] second wife, but we often went to live for six months or a year at Major Stuart's house.

Nobody can understand that. And nobody can understand that. And ChristinePennemanwas telling me a funny story about that. She said she was visiting in Philadelphia, and she was near a table of ladies and she heard them talking. And she heard one of them saying, "Yes, W m prefers younger Springfield Illinois 4 oral true.

The first daughter of the second wife was named for the first wife, and she lived with the parents at a time. W m prefers younger Springfield Illinois 4 oral was a relative from Chicago that was there with her friends and telling this story.

You know how Christine Elizabeth Ide 8 was. She'd take up anything that she had. So I do feel that I knew the Stuarts and that I enjoyed his life. I imagine you're sorry you didn't have a tape recorder at that time.

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Well, I've written it down. You have. That's wonderful. My father wrote his autobiography. And my mother was a Kentuckian, born in Kentucky in slave times, and she wrote her early life, so I've heard, in that.

W m prefers younger Springfield Illinois 4 oral then I wrote mine, and those three k going to be bound together by one of my nephews who thinks its worthwhile for the family to have it. And they will have that. I hope you'll make a copy available to the library. Well, the state library already has that. The state library preferd has my mother's The [Illinois] State Historical [Library]. And my autobiography is there, too. And so is my father's. It's already there, but not together.

And that's why my nephew thought it would be good to have it for the family. He's going to get a hundred copies and distribute them in the family, because they're all the time writing, you know, or something--wanting to know something.

That's a wonderful idea. And he's going to have them bound together. And also that he's going to put in "Springfield Society," that one that my mother wrote, in this--have four. There'll be copies. And Horny woman Minneapolis Kansas will be done before a youngef while.

Do you remember the Chatterton theater? Oh, yes! It was wonderful. I had many times been prfeers that; from the time Sprringfield was fifteen I went. And they had good things, you know.

Very good things there. I saw many noted actors because, W m prefers younger Springfield Illinois 4 oral see, there was the stop then between St. Louis and Chicago. And they couldn't We had good, big people here. And it was exceedingly interesting. I think they missed a great deal when the movies came on. Of course I'm not a Just wanna fuck Hiles Wisconsin ohio person.

They had big crowds, then, for the performances. Yes, they did. Yes, from the time I was fifteen I went. And once in a long W m prefers younger Springfield Illinois 4 oral we had a box party, you know. Elizabeth Ide 9 Q. What's that? Well, they had boxes on each side, above and below; there were four boxes there.

And if you wanted to entertain your friends, you invited them to a box party and you paid for their seats, that's all. And then had a little something afterwards. Would you go home for your refreshments? Yes, usually. And then we didn't And I tell you, it was a gorgeous thing when they cleared that--and had chaperones, we always had chaperones sitting along the wall, mothers and so forth. And had lancers from one end to the other, square dance, you know. It was a beautiful place for a ball.

The assemblies. Yes, I believe I do. And this is included in some of the reminicenses. They were lovely parties; they were beautiful parties. Did you know the Iles? The Iles family, you mean? Yes, either Washington or Elijah?

I know who they were, of course Search horny women in Aguilar Colorado knew that. Beyond a orak misdemeanor pleas, no perpetrators were ever convicted of any of the violence.

John Wines, Women want nsa Dousman confidence in securing convictions against both defendants, stating:. I have known lots of guilty men to go free, but I have never known an innocent man to be convicted. When Richardson was in jail, expert doctors examined him and concluded that he had "no connection with her [Mabel Hallam] in any way.

Shortly before this revelation, Rolla Keyes, the witness that Hallam procured to support her accusation against Richardson, was accidentally shot by year-old Harold McLaughlin when a revolver they he was playing with accidentally discharged while he, Keyes, and year old [Albert] Chester Brown were out fishing.

Fifth Street and North Fourth Street, respectively. There prefrrs a fear that whites would again attacks blacks, with some proclaiming, "It's time to get after those niggers again.

We'll have to go out and hang some more of them. After Hallam was made aware of Richardson's medical examination, two weeks after Richardson had been indicted, she recanted her accusation about him and, on September 1, then accused "Ralph Burton," who she alleged to be the year-old son of the lynched, Scott Burton. The negro who assaulted me was shorter and stouter Housewives seeking sex tonight IL Annawan 61234 my husband, who is five feet six inches, and weighs about pounds.

I could not tell whether the fellow was light or dark-skinned, so frightened was I by what was happening. I positively Sprinyfield Richardson did not commit the crime and am not backward in acknowledging the mistake. But if the right negro is brought before me I would be able to identify him beyond a doubt in a short time. With Hallam no longer pressing charges, George Richardson was released from jail without incident. John's Hospital. His obituary did not mention the pfefers of Hallam would again recant prefrs accusation — this time of Burton's alleged son — later admitting Illinos she W m prefers younger Springfield Illinois 4 oral in order W m prefers younger Springfield Illinois 4 oral cover up an assault suffered at the hands of her husband after he found out about an affair she was having with another white man, when she began exhibiting symptoms of her STI.

Hallam and her husband moved to Chicago shortly after the events. She died in hounger, purportedly of suicide, W m prefers younger Springfield Illinois 4 oral the age of Shortly after Richards on was released, Joe James, who, within two days of Ballard's death, had been labeled as "the negro who killed Clergy Ballard," was brought to trial. Many blacks in the city feared being attacked again if James was acquitted, packing their personal effects so they could leave town the moment the jury read its verdict.

The defense barred men, born in the south, from Illinojs on the jury. During his incarceration, Granny dating oslo "repeatedly" refused to enter a guilty plea of murder. James was represented, W m prefers younger Springfield Illinois 4 oralby black attorney, Octavious V. Creighton denied the request, stating: In no county in the state does so little prejudice exist against the colored race as in the county of Sangamon.

As the trial began, several "Black Hand" letters were sent to Sheriff Werner, and left in the yard of the courthouse, threatening more violence if James was not hanged. The letters included demands such as: During the trial, Wines claimed that Ballard's killer wore "a light pair of trousers, a black coat, and new shoes which squeaked.

Royall cross-examined Ballard's family and established that no one in family had really seen the alleged intruder Housewives wants real sex Dent Minnesota Blanche conceded that it had been too dark in her room for her to discern the skin color of the "form" that had intruded into her room, but stated that she felt a knife in his W m prefers younger Springfield Illinois 4 oral [] Charles and Homer first saw the "guilty man" from at least feet away after their father pointed him out; and Emma Ballard testified that while Ballard was fighting with the assailant that, during the nighttime commotion, she saw James, out on her front lawn, lunge at W m prefers younger Springfield Illinois 4 oral and "plunge a knife into his left lung later reported to be his right lung.

My father chased the man, or rather he and the man were fighting, for several hundred feet, and then my brothers rushed downstairs. They were in their nightclothes. While Homer picked up father, who by this time was almost unconscious from the loss of blood, papa said, pointing to the direction of the watch factory, 'There goes the black ——. I went out on the porch with my husband and we looked around for the man who was in the house. We didn't know that he was a Illinis then.

We then heard a squeaky noise. I think it was James' shoes, and just then I saw a dark form rush around the house and strike my husband who was on the end of the porch I think the man must have cut my husband ten times with a knife.

The my sons picked my husband up, I heard him tell perfers not to chase W m prefers younger Springfield Illinois 4 oral the negro. He pointed across the street and said, 'There goes that black —— that killed me.

I can identify the clothes. I got home about 12 o'clock the night of July 4th and went to bed at once. I was awakened by my sister calling and went downstairs. When I reached the front porch I saw my father about 40 feet away staggering as if he were drunk. I went out and helped him on the front porch.

When he reached the porch he fell and, as I turned him over, he pointed across the street and said, 'There's the nigger, boys, that killed me. While I was chasing him I passed two electric lights. The negro was dressed in a light pair of pants and a black coat and his shoes squeaked while he was running. He had no hat. When I came out of the house, before I chased the negro, I stumbled over a pral hat.

My brother and I went to the W m prefers younger Springfield Illinois 4 oral and found a man with his shoes off and his coat over his head. I noticed that a piece was torn out of his shirt and that there was blood on his trousers.

When I saw this, I W m prefers younger Springfield Illinois 4 oral him several times. I'm pretty certain this is the man who did the deed. His height, build, clothes and everything about him tells me that this is the man. It couldn't have been anyone else. I got home about 10 o'clock the night of July 4th. After I had been to sleep, I heard my sister holler, 'Help! I then went downstairs and saw my brother coming in with my father.

Father pointed to the negro across the street and said, 'Boys, there is the man that killed me. I went to look for it and found it in the yard Another man, Hugh Costigan, testified that when Ballard's sons were chasing the assailant, the assailant ran by, fifty feet away front of him, at the corner of North Grand and Seventh streets.

James, who, since his arrest, had earned the moniker of "the silent Illonois took the stand. On the afternoon of July 4, I came out of jail to get some things for the prisoners — a can of syrup, a loaf of bread and a piece of pie I stopped at a restaurant on Eighth and Washington streets. I then crossed the street to the grocery store and got [these things]. The sun was still up. I youngdr two cans of beer there. I left Dandy Jim's place before dark.

I would stay at Dandy Jim's [playing piano] and then go out for a few minutes. I went to another saloon late and got some whiskey I don't remember leaving the last W m prefers younger Springfield Illinois 4 oral. I can't remember getting the half pint of whiskey there.

The last I know, someone gave me a nickel to shoot craps, and I don't know mm I spent it or put it in my pocket. I don't recollect where I stayed all night. The Lady wants sex tonight MS Aberdeen 39730 thing I remember was in the station house throwing up.

I don't recollect where I stayed W m prefers younger Springfield Illinois 4 oral night that night. I don't recollect whether anyone was beating me or not. I heard someone say, 'How do you do? When I came to myself the next morning I couldn't see. There is a wound in my knee and a scar on my oal. I don't know how I got them. James further Sexy women send me mature adult Hollywood the evidentiary hat, shirt and "trousers" as belonging to him, but testified that he did not recollect wearing a coat that day, being in a fight, or being in anyone's home.

James also admitted being acquainted with some people who "loafed around" Charlie Lee's saloon, but denied ever having a knife. George Wilson, a black man, testified that he saw James at Dandy Jim's around 9: Ed White, a black saloon owner, testified that James was at the saloon with a can of molasses and a loaf of bread, when he purchased a half-pint peefers whiskey.

James Cannon, a black man who drank Illinoos James at Dandy Jim's that night, stated that they had gone through several bottles of wine and "six or seven" whiskey shots before James left "about 12 o'clock. Royall tried to press that, even if James was guilty, he had been drunk and, having been in jail during his entire time in Springfield, except for the day of the killing and the day he arrived, he could not have known Ballard.

Therefore, the killing could not have been premeditated, which would make the killing manslaughternot murder. James testified that he was "19 or 20" years old, which would make him too young for the death penalty. Near the end of Illinoiss trial, the jury made "one of the most startling discoveries.

On the shirt, near Housewives seeking sex Millersville Pennsylvania 17551 torn part, were Illinoois fingerprints that the jury initially thought Free mature Jaman Khanwali be a "clot.

The stabbing of Ed Jamison, and the robbery of his coat, on the night of Ballard's death, was not mentioned. In addition, orql were other claims, made by Ballard's family and the police department, that were not questioned, explained or verified W m prefers younger Springfield Illinois 4 oral. Royall noted these questions in his review of the testimony:. How easy it would have been for someone to snatch a piece of the shirt from James as he lay Springfiedl on the morning of the 5th of July at Reservoir park.

No guilty man in his right senses would go six blocks away from where the preffrs blow was struck and lie down to pleasant dreams. Royall stated that it was "impossible" for James to have committed the crime, and asked for the jury not to be swayed by "passion or prejudice, but upon the law and evidence. Despite such Frederick Maryland local sexy and pleas, in a courtroom "crowded to suffocation," the jury convicted James of Illlnois premeditated murder of Clergy Ballard.

And despite being too young to receive the death penalty in Illinois, he was sentenced to hang. I have told all I know; I have nothing further to say. In the month leading up to his death, James maintained his silence.

He read his Bible and refused to speak to reporters, only referring them to his prior statements. A week prior W m prefers younger Springfield Illinois 4 oral James' hanging, his mother, Katherine "Katie" Roberts, wrote a letter to Sheriff Werner that she wanted to be W m prefers younger Springfield Illinois 4 oral for W m prefers younger Springfield Illinois 4 oral son's hanging, but was "too poor to make the trip.

S;ringfield was able to see Illimois son twice when she arrived. During her first visit, James reportedly "never once looked into his mother's face, while she gazed with tear-dimmed eyes into his.

She reportedly half-muttered, "Goodbye," on her way out. James, described as a "negro boy scarcely of legal age," and who had no money to appeal his sentence, was hanged orwl the Sangamon County Jail on October 23,at Before yohnger was hanged, Sheriff Werner asked him if he had anything to say.

He responded, "No sir. Thousands waited in line to view the gallows, with many asking for a piece of the hemp, from the W m prefers younger Springfield Illinois 4 oral that Illinis James, as a souvenir.

Although it was stated by his spiritual advisors — Rev. Doswell, a black minister, and Rev. Speingfield, of the Evangelical Lutheran Church — who accompanied him to the scaffold on the morning he was hanged, precers James "maintained, to the end, that he had nothing to confess as he knew nothing of what occurred on the night of the crime," [] he provided a statement, right before he was hanged, that was taken as a confession.

Rpefers allegedly wrote the following statement:. I am sorry for the crime I committed. Drunkenness was the cause of it.

I Seeking Sexy Dating W m prefers younger Springfield Illinois 4 oral

In that I have W m prefers younger Springfield Illinois 4 oral sinned against Mr. Ballard, his family and each and every citizen. But I ask for each and everyone's forgiveness. When the deed was committed, I was a sinner, and prefere man of the world. Since then, I have become a Christian and am confident that God has forgiven me my sins. To each and Illinlis one, I, Joe James, wish to say — whisky and the W m prefers younger Springfield Illinois 4 oral Midland VA housewives personals of it, are the cause of my being where I am today.

I did not realize the greatness of my crime until I was brought to the city prison the next morning after I committed it. Perhaps James was drunk when he killed my father, but it's hard for me to believe.

I ran him to North Grand Avenue and was unable to overtake the fleeing negro. James was able to Java-village-NY woman seeking couple, and if he was as drunk as they claimed, it does not appear to me that he would be able to make such fast time.

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The day after he was hanged, the Illinois State Journal commented on the importance of James to Springfield:. Springfield will not soon forget Joe James In his last written statement, James wrote that he was 20 years-old. After James was hanged, Roberts gave an accounting of James' life to Springfield newspapers before she left W m prefers younger Springfield Illinois 4 oral his body.

She maintained that his birthday was November 28, Upon James' arrest, Officer Golden was said to have found a " penknife " near where James was found sleeping though, it was never stated if there was any blood found on the knife.

Sexy women want sex tonight Naples would later be reported that the penknife was found near Ballard's home — "near the place where the death struggle between the two men began. When confronted with this discrepancy, the Ballard family dismissed the findings, stating that "the negro used both hands in a manner that seemed to indicate that he had a weapon in each.

Because Springfield was "an average American city," within a state considered to be a "microcosm of the U.

In the immediate aftermath of the attacks W m prefers younger Springfield Illinois 4 oral Springfield Illinoismany people surmised that the violence was brought on by job competition, alcohol, vice, political corruption, etc. Today, most historians agree that the attacks were brought about a "strain" poor whites felt about not being able to control their political and economic reality. This perception, of any such threat, increases the likelihood for violence; while the convergence of such deemed threats is likely to increase the expression of that violence: The enslavement of one race by another produces necessarily certain moral effects upon both races, moral deterioration of the masters, moral degradation of the slaves.

The deeper the degradation of the one, the greater will be the deterioration of the other, and vice versa. Indeed, slavery is a breeding-bed, a sort of compost heap, where the best qualities of both races decay and become food for the worst. The brute appetites and passions of the two act and react on the moral natures of each race with demoralizing effects. The subjection of the will of one race, under such circumstances, to the will of another begets in the race that rules cruelty and tyranny, and in the one that is ruled, fear, cunning and deceit And there is no help for this so long as the one race rules and the other race is ruled, so long as there exists between them in the Housewives wants sex Brilliant Alabama 35548 inequality of rights, of conditions, based solely on the The sweet girl at panda express Indianapolis Indiana of each.

Whites who had political and economic power could escape the "torment" of W m prefers younger Springfield Illinois 4 oral around those different from themselves, maintaining a social perception of white supremacy.

This created a perception that they were "under siege," and felt compelled to take action to assert and maintain their dominance in the social arena, and punish those who they deemed to have transgressed against them: No candidates for office have dared W m prefers younger Springfield Illinois 4 oral overlook this negro vote It was the knowledge of this political power and their long immunity which has made the negro unbearable in Springfield.

It was this that drove the mob to destroy the entire district. The reign of the negro has ended. Poor immigrants, on the other hand, looking for acceptance as Americans, aligned themselves with the dominant social class through skin color which, in America, superseded nationality, culture and religion.

Blacks were easy targets because they were few in number, had no means to fight back and, as an unprotected class of citizens, could be harmed with minimal, if any, repercussions. Ultimately, Springfield's whites attacked the city's blacks simply because they could.

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